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Category: "Light In Action"

Divine Chemistry

  In high school I avoided chemistry as much as I refused to eat kale. But most teens don’t understand what’s good for them. I guess I couldn’t get past the chemistry of Scarlett and Rhett. What I never knew was how the falling leaves is all about chemistry. The...

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Witch New Year?

Halloween is first seen in the 1500s as a Scottish version of All-Hallows-Evening. Centuries before that, the Celtics called the festival Samhain, a term meaning ‘summer’s end.’ Christians began observing All Saints’ Day on November 1 in 837. By the 1100s many...

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Poems for a Forecast

WINTER Cold, spiny. Wind that sucks the sap from your skin The sky itself is frozen blue Yet i am safe while i can light one soft candle My mind can burrow further than the cold can freeze My eye can dance on the ice even when i dare not open the door. For the...

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For-Give-ing to Whom?

There’s 3 types of forgiving. The first type comes like a sharp pebble in your shoe. Usually I wiggle it around a bit, I tap my shoe trying to shift the stone so I doesn’t poke me. This pebble is when I’ve said something unkind, or maybe when I’ve ignored someone who...

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