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Taming the Tiger

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Quakers in the Field | 2 comments

Who will grab the tiger Raytheon and its military production by the tail? It’s unbelievable that Cambridge, saturated with higher education, we have the second largest weapon manufacturer in the USA, and the largest generator of guided missiles. Raytheon designs these lethal weapons just miles from my home. My stomach curdles knowing I’m surrounded by these munitions.

Just imagine Raytheon military industry as a tiger crushing life (all beings) under its paws. The tiger’s missiles flatten Yemenis. Its huge mandibles destroy orchards and pollute water. Likewise, you can see Raytheon’s $27 billion war contracts (2020) as a runaway tiger escaped from a maniacal zoo. Raytheon Technologies cause death for children in Yemen, Afghanistan, etc. But what goes around comes around. The tiger is loose. All children will suffer from these weapons. The more weapons manufactured, the more likely they will be used. I cannot stay silent anymore.

Shall we allow Raytheon to where weapons end up in the hands of child soldiers or maybe the Taliban? Raytheon builds parts for the F-15, F-16 and F-35 bombers that have recently attacked Gaza. Raytheon weapons include bombs, missiles, and electronic systems/radars for aircraft.

The USA proudly boasts 750 military bases around the world. What do you think is the number one contributing factor to global warming? The US military. Ofcourse with armed forces creating 750,000 tons of toxic waste. Raytheon sells weapons to Saudi Arabia and Israel, with surveillance to enforce the US-Mexican border wall. Most of the military appliances seemed to be used against brown and black people. My heart breaks knowing that air strikes have killed 56,000 Yemenis in 5 years. Stopping Raytheon’s sweetheart deals, will stop the surge of weapons world-wide and lower carbon emissions. It’s a win-win.

By building bombs, military equipment and sanctifying the act of murder, Raytheon deadens our humanity. For sanity and humanity, the tiger must be stopped.

Once a month on the third Sunday, Quakers meet near Raytheon (10 Moulton St, Cambridge). Our next gathering is Nov 21 at 10:45. All are welcome to attend if you are concerned to stop Raytheon’s growling war-machine.

Two People at Raytheon Cambridge


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