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I am your daughter. You have suckled me throughout my life. There is milk and fruits and honey for me to enjoy. You are larger than the prairie, more rugged than any mountaintops, more forgiving than a quilt of snow. You are expansive like the universe, yet tender and dear like a sister’s embrace. I trust you completely.  GirlsSnow2014 - CopyFor ours is a wordless love, an intangible working relationship. I am so grateful, and I show my gratefulness to you by living as fully as possible. I show respect to the elements: earth, air, fire and water. I will not take you for granted: the promise of you living with me is pretty much a forever promise. Some days I show my respect by not capitulating to depression. Some days I make myself can food, or to stop buying anything in plastic. Sometimes I spend time working through my prejudices and resentments. But most days I love you by laughing at myself, and making room to dance.

I know my work is important. I am like a blade of grass, or like one ant in the Sahara desert. I do not doubt that what I do is valuable. But in the last year, I’ve sensed that our loving relationship has changed. You need me now, more than in the first half of my life. I have heard your anger and your pleading. You have tapped my shoulder, and I must enlist myself in your service.

What does that mean? What am I to do?   In my youth our relationship was happiest when I was sailing, or chasing horses, or fishing for crabs, or building forts. I like caring for birds and some herds. I live in the city now. I love trees and orchards.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I am working hard, and my attitude is improving. For half my life I’ve been working to stop human violence. Now I’m asked to stop violence to our waters, landmass and air. It’s hard for me to change my time commitments.  I need to keep a hopeful vision front and center; I need to listen to signs, dreams and positive actions out of unsuspecting places. If I listen to those only wanting to stop KXL pipeline or stop mining or fracking or this or that, it’s depressing. As for the environmental movement, there’s a lot of fear out there. I refuse to let fear rule my actions. Please help me to be a community builder, not a wet blanket with other environmentalists.

You are asking me to change my life. I need to change in drastic ways, but healthy ways. I know I will be a better person, and I’ll enjoy myself more. I have an intimation of the changes needed:

  •  Better eating. Eating less and healthy and with intention
  •  Grow more food. Develop more relation with the soil. Learn about it, love the soil around my house.
  •  Get support in changing my transportation needs. I fly a few times a year.

Precious One, you are Mother, Wholeness and Ever-Changing Trickster. I know humans are not a big part of the picture. We are an arrogant race. I love you and I know that others love you as dear as Life.

May we grow in wisdom and in harmony with your amazing elemental soaring sensational Planet.  Yours truly, Minga