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We have arrived after such a long trip, exhausting security at airports. A huge thank you to all those who read, wrote and held us in prayer for our 14 days in Israel/Palestine. With so much war and UN drama, all prayers were needed. Your love buoyed our trip in safety. Now we can indulge in creaturely comforts (that might change with lowering our carbon footprint.)
Home is cuddling with the cat after a hot shower.
Home is where I can run freely along the river bank, and women can dress in shorts.
Home is cool breeze rustling brown leaves. The cloud bank hangs low.
Home is the 100s of emails to answer; electricity without threat of blackouts.
Home is where I understand threads of conversation at the store, and I can follow the music on the radio.
Home is sitting comfortably in your bathroom, and remembering that toilet paper can be thrown in the toilet bowl.
Plus I don’t have to worry about check points, or collaborators, or whether I’m being conned, or worry about children safely getting to school. I already miss the great food of Arabic salad with mint, and fresh felafel. I miss shopkeepers inviting me in for strong coffee. I miss the generous sun, shining brightly on grape orchards and ancient hills.

We are home hale and healthy, but grasping at how to make sense of it all. We need your help. Call or invite us over to talk 10 minutes or to give a presentation. Our first ‘talk’ will be the spiritual side of our journey on Dec 16 at 9:30am at Cambridge Meeting near Harvard Square.