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On the road to Pokara

The first of June saw the last day of our Nepal marathon—6 days straight doing AVP workshops.The last three days were at PsychDesk, a counseling/training center. Eighteen graduate psych students and social workers came, about ten were turned away for lack of space.

During AVP we often ask around the room, “Where would you most want to visit in the world?” 60% of the participants wanted to visit special temples, or natural phenomenon like Mustang, Muktinath or Manag — all within Nepal. Any other workshop people want to visit new countries. But there’s no place like Nepal. Please enjoy some photos posted below.

I can’t resist posting a bit about the last nonviolence workshop, it was so phenomenal. The group gave their impressions in an evaluation saying AVP is “refreshing, unique, inspires harmony, love the tree of peace and fruits of the tree. Planting the fruits of the tree for a more and more peaceful world.” The trees of Peace and Violence made an impression on the group. You’ll see photos of the exercises Back-to-Back (communication); Build a Tower (cooperation); 12 Guides to Transformation. Here’s other testimonials from this group…

  • I learned change starts with yourself;
  • I learned most from the Anger Escalator, I message and 4 Conflict Styles (Win-Win)
  • I learned the difference between anger and aggression;
  • I looked at the root causes of problems in my life.
  • In this workshop I started as an introvert and I became more of an extrovert;
    Teamwork makes our society strong;
  • I realized my own weaknesses in a safe environment;
  • We all need to spread the seeds of peace.

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