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She started at the university of La Paz in 2008 studying tourism. In 2010 she received a scholarship from Bolivian Quaker Education.

“I live in the Tahuantinsuya barrio in El Alto. I want to tell you about my Friends church, Tahuantinsuta meeting. I participate in the Iglesia Santidad or Holiness Friends church. I help teaching the children, about 11 children every Sunday. I teach about the Bible and many other things. We combine many ages in the same class, so they are between 5 and 10 years old. Teaching is very important because I long for the children to serve God. I teach Bible stories, and how the children can serve outside the church. I also enjoy playing with them.

The TV is a major influence. I teach the children that It’s good to learn, but only to learn healthy actions. While watching TV shows, the children pick up that fighting or insulting is acceptable. So I discuss that with them in Sunday school. I ask them, ‘How do you treat your friends?’

In my family all of us have attended the church for 20 years. I go with my 3 older sisters (and sometimes a brother) and my grandmother. My mother died 20 years ago. My father doesn’t want me to go to church, and this worries me. He argues with me, saying it’s a waste of time. He wants me to work and earn more money. This is painful for me. My father is still angry with me. My father works as a bus driver and is a mechanic. My two sisters both work as professional chefs. One works in the Spanish Embassy and the other works in the Korean Embassy.

Every Sunday we sing many songs. I love to sing Seguir los Pasos, Following the Steps (of Jesus).

The adult class in my church has three pastors. They teach us many things about the Bible and about social problems. For example, one problem is between parents and children. Parents often are lost in how to help children behave. Some parents are very frustrated and exasperated with the children’s behavior and they end up yelling at them. It’s true that the church is helping them–I saw this with my own eyes. One or 2 children told me that their parents have changed. Somehow after the Bible class the parents don’t scream as much.

Every Sunday we collect donations. Many of our donations go to our monthly meeting where the money is used for poor. One group goes to the hospital to give a little help to whatever sick person is in need. If we only have a few donations that week the money goes to Friends (members of the church) who are sick.

My church learning compliments my university learning. I am so grateful. Thank you for all the help that you have given me.”