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Pedaling Quaker Action in the Anthropocene

A Quaker Wedding

A Quaker wedding is beautiful. Usually I cry; mostly I smile. Have you been to one? I sense God crouches a bit closer to us miscreants during a wedding. Thankfully, Quakers allow space and time to hear the Lifegiver’s whispers and sometimes we glean wisdom of how to...

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Jambo Kenya Trip

I spent 30 days in Kenya, mostly working with Friends groups, scrutinizing and worshiping, and singing. Part of the trip was investigating whether to do future peace work in East Africa. 20 of us Friends from New England also joined in the World Conference of Friends...

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Peace Meal Tweets

I. The West is obsessed with Islamophobia. Look at Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation, which had democratic elections in 1955, and, despite a period of dictatorship, had returned peacefully again. Are we fighting wars in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan for...

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Haiti, rise up

Tianos call it land of mountains Ayiti The Santa Maria shipwrecked on coral, the submerged mountain The Tianos dove and dragged the splintered lumber to build the first European town, La Navidad. Another birth in Ayiti The pewter armor, the reckless white hunger...

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