2015 Palestine-Israel

Peacework in Hebron Palestine

imageHebron is a tinderbox. There are confrontations daily. Before the sun rises the melodic cry of the muezzin drifts across the dark city. People cook their tea and have pita, yogurt, and diab (mix of tahini and grape syrup) for breakfast. Hebron, maybe 1/2 million people, is full of traffic by 7 am. People are tense, wondering what clashes may happen today. The last prayer from the minerets is about 6:20, after sunset. We rest and heal in the cocoon of the Assfour, our adopted family.Read more

From Europe's End to Asia's Beginning

imageI've completed El Camino, and now I immerse myself in the thick problems of conquest and domination. My friend in Seville wants to go on a trip in to Cuba before it is wide open to US traffic. Cruise ships will be going there next May. How strange is that? Let's rush over to this exotic country before other US people go. It just doesn't sit right with me although I'll felt the impulse. My Cuban friend Kirenia was visiting us in August and she insists, "Cuba has already changed and evolved." Who are we to think that we can find a culture in a purer state today than it will be in 6 months? To think the US culture has that much influence is a bit imperialist.Read more